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About Gaucho Diplomats

“Think Globally, Act Locally” - Patrick Geddes

Here at UCSBMUN, there’s nothing we value more than being an active global citizen.

We believe that the skills and knowledge associated with leadership, collaboration, and diplomacy should be accessible to every student. That is why we’ve created Gaucho Diplomats, a group mentorship program designed to help Santa Barbara high school students and staff build and maintain successful Model UN clubs. 


Model United Nations introduces young people to topics such as human rights, social justice, international security, sustainable development, and more. Students are given the opportunity to work together to solve the world’s most pressing issues while engaging with multiple perspectives. They also develop strong research, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills. 


Gaucho Diplomats is led by a team of our very own delegates who will assist and guide you through the process of running a club, learning/teaching about International Relations, practicing public speaking, debate, research, and policy writing, and most importantly, building confidence and leadership skills.

Everyone deserves the chance to change the world, and we want to help the students in our community be able to do so. 


Any interested students, parents, or teachers should contact the Director of Community Outreach Jacob Evleth at

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