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Executive board 



 Ela Schulz, President

Ela Schulz is a fourth-year history and political science major. She began Model UN in college and is a die hard crisis delegate. Outside of MUN, Ela interns for the UCSB Democratic party, spends time with her fraternity PAD, and works with her local Community Service District. After graduation, she plans to apply to law school and pursue a career in politics. For fun, she loves to read, cook, and knit!


Sofia Little, Chief of Staff

Sofia Little is a third-year Global Studies and Political Science double major from Palo Alto, CA (and has a Bay Area superiority complex because of this). She has been doing Model UN since her freshman year of high school and fell in love with the debate and discussion of international diplomacy, which drove her to continue into college. Outside of MUN, you can catch Sofia at the scene shop building sets for the school productions, reading at the beach, and drinking boba/coffee. Sofia is also beyond excited to be studying abroad in the Fall of 2024 at Rio de Janeiro! After graduation, Sofia hopes to join the Peace Corps, hoping it will be life-altering and help her figure out what she wants to do for the rest of her life.

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Sachi Lakhina Director of Training (GA + Specialized)

Sachi Lakhina is a third year political science and communications double major, interested in pursuing a career in law to hopefully work with women and children! Aside from Model UN, she is a part of Take Back the Night, a national organization focused on sexual assault prevention and awareness. She loves to travel, read and watch romance comedies, and is amazing at binge watching shows. She also loves to cook and will gladly talk recipes with anyone around her.


Kirra Moore, Director of Training (GA + Specialized)

Kirra Moore is a second-year Political Science major with a passion for languages. She began her MUN journey in the 6th grade and has continued ever since! She loves the debate and the team members she has found at UCSB and cannot wait for the upcoming year. In her free time she enjoys learning French, Spanish and Italian, crocheting and spending time with friends!

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Jacob Varela, Director of Training (Crisis)

Jacob Varela is a third-year student at UCSB with a double major in History and Economics. He is from Placentia, California in Orange County. He has been doing Model UN for five years now, with two years of experience in high school before joining the team here at UCSB. He is incredibly proud to be a part of the team that he now considers a family to him. He's traveled around the country (and beyond) for conference and chaired at SBIMUN and GauchoMUN. Outside of Model UN, you find probably find Jacob reading on the beach, trying to find new places to eat in Isla Vista, or cramming for his next economics midterm.


Jacob Pike, Director of Training (Crisis)

Jacob Simjee Pike is a freshman Hydrologic Sciences and Policy major looking to work in water resources management after college. He has been doing MUN for 7 years now after competing in middle and high school. He enjoys playing frisbee with his friends, mountain biking, and general tomfoolery. If you love water, find him at a conference!




Vicky Bai, Director of Finance

Vicky Bai is a third-year economics an
d data science major from Saratoga, California. Vicky loves frolicking and dilly dallying. She is absolutely ecstatic to talk about the political and economic state of the world. Vicky accepts gratitude through venmo anytime.


Aanuska Tripathi, Director of Recruitment

Aanuska Tripathi is a second year political science major from Moorpark, California (yes, the stop on the amtrak). She joined MUN in college and has loved the lively debate and wonderful friendships she has developed. Outside of MUN, you can catch Aanuska collecting the artworks of Renoir, photosynthesizing in the sun somewhere on campus, or at IV Bagel Cafe.  




Kai Singh, Director of Technology and Design

Kai Singh is a second-year History of Public Policy & Law and English double major with a Classics minor from Beverly Hills, CA (like the chihuahua). They began MUN in college but have always loved politics and competing, flitting between youth & government and speech & debate in the past. Outside of MUN, Kai enjoys reading trashy vampire novels, making jewelry, and experimenting with makeup and self-expression. She enjoys sharing meals with friends and frolicking in the sun, getting lost in thought, and - as most MUN delegates do - a good yap sesh! 


Alycia Wong, Director of Public Affairs

Alycia Wong is a fourth year Sociology and Asian American Studies double major from Towson, Maryland. She joined UCSB MUN her freshman year after seeing a “G.O.A.T. WANTED” flier and has been forced to stay because no one else can fill the position. She also loves her awesome friends. In her free time she enjoys making LeBron James claymation edits, crafting EDM mixes of the Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked soundtrack on her DJ controller, and conducting experiments on her 50x50x50ft red ant farm.  




Mariam Ghallab, Director of Community Outreach

Mariam Ghallab is a fourth-year student majoring in political science major with an emphasis in International Relations. This is her second year doing Model UN and she is excited to serve as the Director of Community Outreach and introduce more people to the fun and challenging activity that is MUN. She has attended TrojanMUN, UCBMun, and LAMUN. One of the reasons Mariam enjoys MUN is because it has transformed her into a confident public speaker. In her free time, Mariam loves listening to music, talking about astrology, and hanging out with her friends. After college, she hopes to go to Law School and become the best criminal defense attorney out there (please hit her up if you’re about to get arrested in 10 years, she’ll give you a discount). 


Guadalupe (Guada) Paz Coria -General of SBIMUN

Guadalupe (Guada) Paz Coria is a third year Political Science & Data Science double-major and Poverty Inequality and Social Justice and French prospective minors. She is originally from Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz Ciudad, Argentina, and lived there for 9 years before moving to the Bay Area where she sells vintage clothing in SF's Haight Ashbury. She has only been in MUN for two years, alongside UCSB's Fashion Club executive board. You can find her underneath Storke Tower recording her radio show, Lip Service, on KCSB, studying alongside her P.A.D friends, Isla Vista's local shows and markets, or often anywhere but her own campus/Santa Barbara on weekends!




Kate Granger, Secretary-General of GauchoMUN

Kate is a second year political science major with an interest in pursuing international law after undergrad. She joined UCSB’s MUN team in the fall of her freshman year, and her love for the activity has only grown! Outside of MUN, you can catch Kate studying in the library, cafe hopping, writing, and petting her sweet dog Hazel.


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